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In the first semi-final game SKA left no choice for Baikal-Energia but surrender with double digit loss knockdown.
it's never easy to play against the reigning champ in a semifinal game as visiting team, but Baikal have done it a couple of times in Khabarovsk this regular season and with some success, losing only with a one goal margin, both times 5-6. So everyone expected tough resistance from the guest team, but instead a long expected event turned into a nightmare.
Early on our hometown team set the tone for the game monotonously pressing all over the ice, forcing the opponents to fend off the multiple attacks. For some time Baikal managed to hold off SKA players in close quarters, but finally failed to stand up to meticulously executed corner shots. When Yuriy Shardakov cannoned the third goal, Baikal' defense began leaking at seams. After the first the scoreboard read 4-1, but more was coming in the second half to ruin any hope for retaliation. SKA increased their dominance in all aspects of the game and the opponents' retreat degenerated into a rout. Artyom Bondarenko had his customary hatty and Pavel Ryazantsev performed his penalty shot, releasing the ball top shelf at the speed of sound.
It's a double header, we have another semifinal game tonight; same time, same place. In yet another semifinal game Yenisey crushed Kuzbass, 13-4.


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