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Stepping over Trubnik

After two losses on the road, SKA dazzled home fans with an easy win over their closest  league chasing rivals from Pervouralsk.

It was back on March 8, 2007 when Uralskiy Trubnik last triumphed  the win over SKA here in Khabarovsk, 6-4. There's been a long lasting drought since then for Trubnik to have brought even a single point back home. Arguably, the players from Pervouralsk, may have been thinking of finally converting this sad  tradition into joyous victory over the reigning Russian bandy champion. Any grounds for that? No doubt. First off, Trubnik has been doing great recently, winning one game after another, climbing up to the third  position in the League standings. Secondly, SKA have suddenly found themselves in an emotional and physical slump after a couple of hectic and tiring months of intensive playing as in the championship, so on the international level. However, to make things even more cryptic, "the weather goddess" interfered  to create "force majeure" circumstances for Trubnik. They had to lay over in Novosibirsk for about twenty hours, that resulted in their late arrival and insufficient time to get themselves adopted for an indoor Yerofei Arena ice.  

On the contrary, "the fortune goddess" smiled on SKA players and for the first time in many games they had practically all injured players back on the roster. Especially, that Aleksandr Kim and Denis Lapshin were now participating, gave our hometown team a little boost and more confidence.

However, the game wasn't a breeze at all for SKA bandy players. As expected, they encountered echelon tactical defense neatly set up by Trubnik, which had to be penetrated through only using the entire collective effort and physical overload, but they did succeed twice before the intermission, that resulted in the first goal of the season by a midfielder Yanis Befus. The second half-time came off way easier due to the fast goal by Pavel Ryazantsev on the corner shot implementation. Trubnik had to rush forward slightly easing their defensive grasp with SKA players taken advantage over the current disposition. Again it was Pavel Ryazantsev, who scored the penalty shot on the 73 minute mark and made it 5-1, thus drawing the line before actually the game was over. The final result, 6-2, meant a lot for our team from psychological point of view, in the first place, and incidentally being the thirtieth consecutive home ice win in the championships.

SKA will be facing Sibselmash on the 29th at 1900 hours, the last game of the 2017 for our hometown team. Sibselmash will be looking for compensation, since they have been mercilessly  taken down by Baikal in their previous game in Irkutsk, 3-10.

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