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Masterclass for a rookie

Having blanked their opponents from Syktyvkar, SKA strides on as a front-runner. 

In the previous game against Baikal, Stroitel Syktyvkar were on the brink of offering a shocker of the day being so close to stealing some points from the reigning vice-champion of the Russian League. Needless to say, there were expectations that Stroitel will follow suit and keep causing a commotion, but their highly skilled opponents from SKA-neftyanik nipped the hypothetical rebellion in the bud. Our team's bandy players were not going to rock full throttle keeping in mind the upcoming Super Cup game against Yenisey on December 3. Even though, SKA players didn't succeed in scoring a huge number of sure field goals, the corner shot implementation was beyond all praise, all four corner shot goals were neatly performed to the fans' delight. 

When gained sufficient advantage into the game, 5-0, the SKA coaches let the club youth prove their capability to represent the team on the highest level..... and they were so right in their assessment. Skopintsev and Torgonskiy were so close to net their first goals in the League; came to their rescue a 21 year-old Ilya Ishkeldin, another young rising star, having scored a hell of a goal after effective dribbling in the central zone and a superb shot past a goalkeeper!!! His number one in the Russian Bandy League! Yet another debut is surely worth of mentioning: for a 16 year-old Stanislav Turushev the game against Stroitel has become a milestone in his career in the majors!

But it was Artem Bondarenko, an overall League's top scorer of the last season, who got lots of standing ovations for scoring four goals, and our team's netminder Denis Rysev, having tallied his second shutout of the season, who received most acclaim. The final 10-0 on the scoreboard was tainted by a couple of inflicted injuries ( Valeriy Ivkin and Vasiliy Granovskiy), that may cause some problems on the eve of the Super Cup game.

In the interim, we have come to a halt in the championships, due to the Four Nations Tournament in Sweden. Next game is slated for December 13, when SKA will host Baikal from Irkutsk.


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