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Excerpts from the interview with SKA Head Coach Mikhail Yuriev

- Last year SKA-neftyanik used to bag double digits, like 10,12 even 16 goals per game, having set multiple national records. This season our team doesn't score that profusely. What's happened? Our opponents are catching up with us in mastery, aren't they?
- Somewhat true. Let me add, we have entered the season a little worn out. SKA had produced lots of hard work on the ice, ended up emotionally on the wane after the World Cup. We treated this tournament as top priority of the preseason's stretch and were so close to win the trophy. Last year's World Cup we played even way more flashy bandy, but that was exactly what nixed the deal. This Cup we were trying to accentuate our efforts on the final games. We passed preliminaries, monotonously "picking up" the points, moving up the ladder with zero  emotion level contribution. Alas, we failed to make it, tripped the very last moment. 
- In between seasons SKA has signed a few contracts with new players. How do you account for their performance by far? Have they neatly set themselves up on the team?
- It always takes time to get accommodated in a new team set-up. Take Oleg Tolstykhin and Denis Lapshin, for example. They both were playing for so long with only one team Yenisey Krasnoyarsk....and out of the blue, the guys are left with no contract for the upcoming season. That was a shock for both fellows. Like, Tolstykhin was playing within the same line-up for ten years, day in day out, and now has to drastically change his ways. We, over here, have a style of playing "diagonally", Yenisey is a proponent of playing "direct" bandy.....worlds apart in on-field philosophies. To sum it up. I want our team to play "wise bandy", but so far we have been hobbling, rather than ambling.
- This season we may look at the championships schedule on the brighter side, no more Territorial Round Robins, when scoring points was of no any practical value...
- (smiling) Yeh, it liven up a bit, but we have to travel/fly way more extensively now, look, we started the season in Kirov and Nizhniy Novgorod, returned home for a couple of days to play two games, then back on the road to cross the entire country to play in Krasnogorsk and Archangelsk. Then we'll come back to Khabarovsk to play Dynamo Moscow on a very next day and yet another game in a day.....getting packed up to show up on time for the Super Cup Finals on the 4th of December. Then half of the team are traveling back home, the other one is coming along with me to participate in the Swedish International, when we finally get together again in Khabarovsk, guess what, we are hosting Baikal on the very next day! Quite a marathon!!!  
- What time zone do you live by? 
- Me, personally, I never switch over my biological clock to Khabarovsk time. Go to bed at four in the morning.  But I have no family around here, my players are not capable of doing it, like myself, with their families and kids to take care of....


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