Second Hat Trick In The Row For Pavel

The second homestand win under SKA's belt.


The game against Kazan Raketa AK Bars was kind of reproduction of the previous game. In the first half our hometown team was trying to grind their opponents down with some little success and a bit of luck, whilst in the second putting it at full throttle when necessary. This strategy did work again.

Kazan have been suffering setbacks lately due to being shorthanded, having lost their top players to injuries and poor health conditions. So none expected their decent on-ice performance today, especially after being steamrolled, 3-12, in Irkutsk three days ago. But they did do it! They had everything to be a good bandy squad: power, speed and agility.
Although SKA-Neftyanik got off to a flying start, 2-0 by the 16th minute, they somehow slowed down later on in the first, letting Raketa  almost maintain the differential status quo up to the end the halftime, 3-0. Pavel Ryazantsev, Artyom Bondarenko and Yuriy Shardakov scored to give the team a little break before the intermission.
Sergey Gan sweetened the pill for Raketa, having scored off the penalty stroke, 3-1 three minutes into the second half, which he did again at the 77th minute. But calling for this penalty stroke caused a little confusion due to no tangible or visible infraction to be executed by our hometown players. Other than that they looked way more convincing in the second halftime having showed their superiority in every aspect of the game. Pavel Ryazantsev tallied a second hattie in the row. A very well deserved win by SKA, 8-2, and they are back on the road to play Pervouralsk and Novosibirsk next week.

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