Back Home from the Road Games

Upon coming home from a four game road trip SKA-Neftyanik found themselves on the third position in the League with 17 points accumulated. The first homestand game against Ulyanovsk Volga turned out to be anything but a walkover. SKA overpowered  their opponents on the onset and on into the game, but failed to score in many occasions. As the old sporting maxim goes, if you fail to implement a dead cert scoring chance, be sure to get one in your net. That's what exactly happened. The visiting team found the back of the SKA's net off the corner stroke. Nikita Simirgin tallied his first one in the game. Our hometown team rejected this circumstance out of hand to equalize the game after taking a corner six minutes afterwards. Aleksey Torgonskiy nicely used the feed by Yuriy Bondarenko. Then two top scorers for the team Pavel Ryazantsev with a penalty stroke and Tuomas Maatta contributed for the team, 3-1 after the first half.
In the second halftime both teams kept on with a rollercoaster ride having multiple chances to score. Pavel Ryazantsev was the first one to take a good chance to tally his second in the game at the 57th minute. Artyom Bondarenko cemented the lead six minutes later, 5-1. Yuriy Shardakov proved to be the feed genius once again, having supplied Aleksandr Antipov with an awesome pass to score from, 6-1. Ulyanovsk Volga then failed to score off the penalty shot due to the awesome save by our hometown netminder Denis Rysev. However, visitors continued to fight back and scored on the breakaway, 6-2. Closer to the end of the second half, Pavel Ryazantsev scored his third one to draw the line in the game, 7-2.

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