Our hometown team couldn't lean on their superstars, like Granovskiy, Ryazantsev, Vikulin, Bondarenko and Starikov to boot, who had been tested positive for COVID-19 before the very first game of the season. Our hometown team were off to a good start, though. Mikhail Tyuko scored two minutes into the game and Yevgeniy Korev cemented the lead at the 20th minute of the first halftime. 2-0. Nobody expected what happened next. Out of the blue our squad began making multiple mistake in the D-zone that cost them four goals in a row. Frankly, Denis Rysev, our netminder couldn't be faulted too much on any goal. 2-4 was transformed into a one-goal deficit when Korev connected for SKA-Neftyanik prior to the intermission.

 Even though Murman cold showered our team with another one on the onset of the second, 3-5, the trust in the team spirit finally paid off for SKA. Seven consecutive goals were executed. Mikhail Tyuko,a game leader in goals largely contributed into the win sniping altogether 4. Yuriy Shardakov was an absolute force in the second having showcased brilliant feeds and an excellent goal execution. 10-5 on the scoreboard with no fans at the entire Yerofey Arena. Heading into the game against Dynamo Moscow, a Russian Cup holder of this season, there is a huge question, can SKA-Neftyanik persevere without their top players? The game is slated for November 10.

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