When Push Comes to Shove

Both teams came into a tough building early on exploring the weak spots they could strike through. At the 11:34 mark of the first Erik Pettersson scored a penalty shot, conjured up by Maksim Ishkeldin slamming thru' a number of shadowing D-men, who hindered and held him down on the ice, 1-1. Six minutes later SKA found themselves with  two players in the sin bin. They were trying to smother  Arkhangelsk Vodnik multiple attacks to kill the time with some success. Viktor Kamenev displayed some excellent moves to fend them off, but failed to do so after a close quarter stroke in the near end by Aleksandr Antonov in the 26th minute. The game kept dragging on to the end  with some occasional sparks of production, when "Our Own Mighty Viking" stunned  Roman Chernykh with his trademark blistering swing off Yuriy Shardakov's nifty feed, 2-1.

A minute into the second, Erik Pettersson sniped his third one of the game putting it in at the sharpest angle possible with Maksim Ishkeldin chipping in a nifty helper, 3-1. Closer to the halftime when the tension grew up to the rafters, a young rookie Dmitriy Anikin showcased his skills to score a decisive one, 4-1. Six minutes later another SKA newbie Aleksey Torgonskiy added another one, 5-1. Vodnik  managed to strike back, 5-2, to keep their face.... but the game was done.



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