SKA fails to push forward to the Finals

At 10:08. Artyom Shehovtsov  tucks in a fabulous goal after a gross defense positional error,  deking in front of our hometown team goalie, Viktor Kamenev, and past him to open the scoring. Vodnik takes the lead, 0-1. Then Alan Jusoev makes a long pass across the ice from the D-zone, Yuriy Shardakov picked up a feed, choreographed along a number of the Vodnik D-men and hammered it home past the best goalie in the modern Russian Bandy, Roman Chernykh,1-1. A few minutes later Maksim Ishkelsin dribbled all along the top of the penalty area and wound up a wrister over the National Number One netminder's right shoulder, 2-1. "Our own Mighty Viking" beats the buzzer slamming along the Vodnik defence like a knife, after a brilliant passing execution by Yuriy Shardakov, 3-1.
Right after an intermission Yvgeniy Dergaev, one of the best in the biz and a huge boon for Arkhangelsk Vodnik in the tight situation like this  trims the deficit up to one, 3-2. But it wasn't his last one. His monstrous performance helped Vodnik to pull out a victory in the game.
58:13. Another gross mistake by our defence, they "snoozed" our opponents's breakaway and Aleksandr Antonov gets it tied up, 3-3. Erik Pettersson tried another assault and chipped it in, but that was the last time when SKA were leading the game, 4-3. From the 70th minute on Khabarovsk SKA managed to let in the number of goals they usually allow in a couple of games. 
It was all over when Yvgeniy Dergaev astounded 5 thousands local fans with a third one in the match, 5-7. All the fatigue accumulated, all the shortcomings never revised and fixed, all those forced relegating of the young rookies to the bench in favor of the tiring vets, it finally came out to contribute to a disastrous outcome; the first loss in four years on the home ice. 
Tomorrow is a "reality check" day, shape up or ship out. The teams are  playing Game 3 to be eliminated or advance.

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