Play-Off Races In Full Swing

SKA Khabarovsk had nominally a lengthier break in between the games, but in real-life situation Vodnik had been settling down in Arkhangelsk even longer than their opponents due to the quarterfinal resolution, thus not being bothered with getting acclimated. OK, the rules for the upcoming semis were the same as in the games between SKA and Kuzbass: best-of-three series with our team having home ice advantage in Game 2 and 3. There was a lot on the line in the game for Vodnik
In the first minutes of the encounter Artyom Bondarenko converted a corner stroke,1-0. Both teams began the game with absolute freedom with a few opportunities. Arkhangelsk kept keeping their composure until Dergaev did his best out of nothing, 1-1.  SKA were rewarded after a long play time with a goal to get   the name of Alan Jusoev, 2-1 on the scoreboard. He.jumped on the loose ball and ripped it in. Vodnik kept pushing in search of the equalizer but failed to the end of the halftime. SKA withstood a lot of pressure to get another one off a far beauty stroke from Yuriy Shardakoff, the best midfielder on the planet at the moment, in my humble authoritative opinion, 3-1.
In the early of the second Yvgeniy Dergaev stunned Khabarovsk with a nice stroke past Kamenev, 2-3.  Artyom Bondarenko decided the duel was not over and put it in the net, 4-2, to keep the margin intact. The teams dragged on until Yevgeniy Dergaev trimmed the lead with a hat trick, 4-3. Alan Jusoev ended it up 3 minutes away of the final call, 5-3 !!!!!!! It's a done deal, gentlemen!
The loss in the first semifinal game diminished chances for Arkhangelsk Vodnik to move on to the Game of the Season, but didn't eliminate them completely. Now, both of the teams are travelling to shine at the Yerofey Arena for Games 2 and 3, if need be.

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