Closing round is close at hand

Being thoroughly undermanned SKA had to rely mostly on their veterans, who generated all the goals and contributed to yet another win for SKA, 9-3. Our hometown team beat Nizhni Novgorod Start in their first road game out of two.
The team is assuredly bound for the play-offs and they don't need to get the luckiest of draws in having to face some "comfortable" team to smoothly skate past it. No, SKA are the dead cert to get to the finals and the reigning champ, so for them it doesn't mean a thing what position to obtain in the regular Russian Bandy Championship. They are solidly ahead of the bunch of other contenders and 2 points behind of Krasnoyarsk Yenisey, with one game left before they wrap up the regular season
In the game against Start Erik Pettersson sniped four and chipped in 3 assists, Yuriy Shardakov also found the back of the net twice. It was one of those games when you know what gonna happen, but you are unaware of when. When the first halftime was done, the scoreboard read 5-0 and the second one turned into mere formality. In the very last game SKA will face Kirov Rodina. It will be held on February 26.

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