Artyom Bondarenko Scores 5 in 10-0 Blanking over Stroitel

None of the SKA bandy fans had expected it to be a nailbiter for the reigning champ and they had grounds for it. Khabarovsk SKA-Neftyanik were in the second position slightly trailing behind Yenisey, whilst Syktyvkar Stroitel were sitting in the 9th place, 34 points apart. Yet, none would have dared to say that winning the game may be a cakewalk in the current championship, which is full of surprises.....but it was.
First halftime: 7-0. With 2:51 into the game Yuriy Vikulin converted a nifty corner stroke to a nicely executed goal. Then there came the time to shine for our top scorers. Erik Pettersson scored two magnificent goals and skillfully assisted on the last one of the first half chipped in by Artyom Bondarenko. Artyom conjured up another three before the game hit the half-way point! Yuriy Shardakov did an outstanding job to orchestrate the numerous attacks. 
Second halftime: 3-0. Yuriy also connected for the team early on in the second. SKA weren't pushing the envelop, the opponents drifted along at the set pace to our hometown team's heart content. Maksim Ishkeldin and Artyom Bondarenko erupted for two more closer to the end.

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