SKA Top Dynamo Moscow

Lacking their key middle field players, Alan Jusoev and Yanis Befus both sustained serious injuries, the teams that challenged the Championship title last season, found themselves in a tight spot. That added some worries to their head coaches to beat pre-performance nerves. SKA players looked more confident than their opponents at the onset and built a 2-0 lead.
 The numerous mistakes and careless ball-handling at the final stages of advancement deprived SKA of throttling Moscow Dynamo, the most renowned bandy team in Russia. Their loosey-goosey approach to their rivals occasionally becomes the team's trademark this season. Instead of finishing off their opponents in the first halftime, SKA performed an error-ridden game and the lack of discipline in the D-zone letting Dynamo cut the lead, 3-2.
 More than 5 thousands spectators attending failed to see any stellar performance from their favorite team in early going of the second. While their top scorers slackened off, our midfielders barged in. A swift and long feed across the D-zone from a magnificent Maksim Ishkeldin was picked up by Yuriy Shardakov and the latter hammered it home. It somehow woke up our own "Viking" and Erik Pettersson gracefully scored two in a row, 6-2. A  Dynamo forward, Vladislav Tarasov decided to catch up with Erik on the scoresheet and tallied his second one of the day. Then another SKA sniper Artyom Bondarenko had his say and scored off the standard corner stroke feed, 7-3. Dynamo took advantage of the SKA netminders switch and jazzed it up, 7-4. 

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