SKA score 6 in the first, ease past Volga

Ulyanovsk Volga arrived in Khabarovsk sitting on the 11th position of the Russian Bandy Championship ladder. Despite of being one of the regular basement league dwellers for some time lately, Volga managed to dazzle their fans with a very solid performance against a reigning champ previously in the first chapter of the current championship. SKA-Neftyanik had to skate the extra mile in December to pull off a win in the very last minute of the game, 7-8.
But today our hometown team players proved to be elite bandy athletes without a hitch. It took them only 27 minutes to guarantee the overall victory in the game by showing off great speed and ball handling finesse, 4-0. By the end of the first half they ripped six unanswered goals with Yuriy Shardakov graciously capping a hatty.
In the second, SKA slowed down and Volga had an attempt at trimming a 6-0 deficit by scoring one in a rare counterattack, but Erik Pettersson put his stamp on it breaking any hope for a comeback, 7-1. Then Volga fouled on Erik and Yuriy Vikulin scored a penalty shot and sealed a win. Erik Pettersson conjured up four goals. By the final whistle, the scoreboard was reading, 11-4.
.After this game SKA has taken over a top spot in the League standings, but not for long. Yenisey is playing against Murman later today. There's no any chance that they will fail to get another three points, but with a game in hand our team has a priority in the long run to win a regular championship, unless they don't slip on a banana peel en route to the bandy "presidents' trophy". SKA is back on the road visiting Kemerovo and Novosibirsk to face their Siberian rivals on February 10 and 13 consequently.  

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