On the Winning Streak

After a phenomenal show performed by SKA-Neftyanik in the game against Yenisey, our hometown team found themselves emotionally drained in the next encounter with Arkhangelsk Vodnik. The opponents were highly motivated throughout the entire game backed up by the best D-men and the best goalie in the league. 
Vodnik scored first in the twelfth minute of the match, which raised their odds of winning immensely. With Roman Chernykh in the cage, who was keeping  his net impregnable smothering any scoring opportunity created by SKA with the last line of defense being always there in place, seemed like there was no solution to the problem for our men. Yet, Vodnik were able to rip it through our hometown team's defense, being so close to double the lead. 
It took the entire halftime for our hometown team to set the tone for their "trademark" game. It finally happened when Erik Pettersson beat the buzzer with a dazzling stroke at a very sharp angle, making it 1-1. It somehow alleviated the negative intensity of the entire situation.
In the second half the SKA machine ceased purring and began to roar, executing spectacular goals one after another. Yuriy Shardakov tallied one of the most picturesque goals of the season. Artyom Bondarenko had his "routine" one as well. When Yuriy Vikulin successfully fired a blistering penalty shot 6 minutes prior to the final call, all the hopes and dreams for the comeback were shattered for our opponents, 6-2. 

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