No Stranger to Winning Streaks Fails in Kazan

Game One on the road trip brings about another 3 points to our hometown team. This time around they "were paying a courtesy call" to Murmansk Murman. This definition fits in perfectly well with a fabric of the entire game that took place yesterday. Murmansk were playing on house money, being relaxed with no expectations of beating a reigning champ. SKA-Neftyanik were doing exactly as much as needed to build and secure a comfortable goal cushion throughout the game without going the extra mile. Both teams were enjoying to play their favorite game. When SKA had five unanswered goals under their belt, they eased up a little and let their opponents to show how good they could be. Murmansk succeeded in that, having scored four goals, which totaled up to a final 8-4. Our captan Vasiliy Granovskiy has been on IR list recently and had to sit out, but may participate in the next game in Kazan against local Dynamo on January 11.
Game Two brings some surprise in a shape of the loss. In the thick of the season our hometown team finally lost their first game in the Championship. Obviously, Vasily Granovskiy absence in a second consecutive game blasted a giant hole in the D zone and had an ultimate effect on the team performance. There was nobody to fill in for an injured captain. For Dynamo it has been the best show of the year, for SKA it has been arguably the worst. This was the game of catch up ever since the first goal. Almost every goal allowed by our hometown team in their net was retaliated within a minute or two. Unfortunately, the last call wasn't answered and Kazan Dynamo snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, so to say. The reigning champ skated a bit too cocky and a little individually oriented, that the loss inflicted on the team, 5-6, may be deemed well deserved. SKA is moving on to Irkutsk to face off Baikal Energia on January 15. 

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