Playing On House Money May Be Productive

Being lower in the current standings and numerous predictions of how SKA would be skating the rings around a visiting team didn't affect the Dynamo Kazan performance whatsoever.  The team told this prognosis to go kick rocks and didn't feel any inconvenience to tie up, 3-3, after the first halftime. Frankly, not many experts and fans expected them to be that competitive. The Kazan goaltender Aleksandr Temnikov's stunning play on many occasions was a bit of a factor, but it was not  the main reason. The SKA-Neftyanik players are still getting into their best shape. For SKA scoring chances tell the story of the game.Had they scored at least a 50 percent of them, it would have been a multi-digit and well-deserved victory. Dynamo displayed their one of the best performances of the season.
In the second half the shower of opportunities continued, but our hometown players seemed to be losing out at their choice. Erik Pettersson missed out on his trademark penalty stroke. Others tended to shoot wide from deep down into the radius. Luckily, superiority in skill and mastery came through and our veterans finally took the floor about twenty five  minutes prior to the end. Their say was loud and clear, SKA will be ending 2019 at the very top of the Russian Bandy Championship Standings. Yuriy Shardakov scored twice and earned a hat trick overall, Yuriy Vikulin scored off the corner standard and Alan Jusoev finalized the win, 7-3.

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