Christmas time bandy update

1. SKA-Nefftyanik-2, a farm club to a major-level parent team ended up 2019 with a couple of homestand wins. Our hometown youth reserve club has confidently dumped Baikal-Energia-2 in a double header, 7-4 and 8-3. In a first game SKA-2 having a well-orchestrated dominance, let a three goal lead slip for a number of times. They sparked in the end due to the efforts of Beloshitskiy and Gatz, thus topping their opponents from Irkutsk by redeeming themselves for the double loss in a back-to-back skid on the road in early December. The second encounter on the next day revealed presence of a 2019 World Bandy Champion, Alexandr Egorychev amongst the Irkutsk bandy players. It triggered some expectation for the revenge on the Baikal-2 roster. Aleksandr showed off some high quality moves, but it wasn't close enough for the game to match up to a well disciplined farm club from Khabarovsk. A team spirit over technical superiority of a single bandy star proved to be the only resolution. 
2. SKA scored 11 in the game, ease past Murman. Our hometown team resumed a regular championship with a confident win over a major league rookie from Murmansk. All of the SKA players, but two, had a good rest due to the Four Nations. They were a little disorganized, footloose and fancy free, slightly sputtered out of the game in the beginning. Fortunately, they opened the throttle in the second and cruised to victory, 11-3. The next game against Dynamo Kazan is scheduled for December 28.

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