Two Road Games Yield 100 Percent

Our hometown team top Arkhangelsk for another straight win.



Arkhangelsk Vodnik has become the "discovery" of the season and is considered to be one of the few contenders for Gold this year. They have lost only one game in this championship and that loss to the hosting Yenisey, 5-6, was very decent performance-wise and kind of controversial with referees' biased decisions. The game in Arkhangelsk was deemed a top event, also due to very curious statistics: the best offensive team vs the best defensive one.
Absence of Yuriy Shardakov on the SKA-Neftyanik roster jazzed up the context of the rivalry as well. The game turned out to be quite attractive and rather equal. For SKA following the coaches' head plan was the name of the game. They also collectively managed  to mark the best opposing player, Yevgeniy Dergaev, right out of the game. Erik Pettersson tallied two goals to lead SKA to 4-1 win. The next game is in Ulyanovsk against hosting Volga on December 14.
Teams score 15, buzzer beater decides the faith.
SKA-Neftyanik made their fans to worry a lot entering into the last minute of the game against Ulyanovsk Volga with an unexpected draw, 7-7. SKA  was playing one the basement dwellers of the current bandy championship and nobody had expected such an outcome. Bandy is the game fringed on emotions and skillfulness. Sometimes when intricate systems set up by coaches and other personal bandy traits stop working for whatever reason, emotions and moods carry the games away. That's what the Volga vs SKA entertainment was all about. Volga lacking that altitude of stellar performance as SKA, compensated with such a drive for the win, that a roller coaster having lasted for 90 minutes non-stop came to a crescendo finale when a SKA captain converted a nifty volley into a game decider the very last minute. 7-8. Volga did deserve a point, but SKA decided otherwise. We a having a little intermission and looking forward to the Four Nations Tournament coming soon. 

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