Homestand Games Roundup

Recap 1. In the first post-road-trip game SKA opened a homestand swing with a spectacular win over Kuzbass, 13-3. Their head coach Aleksey Kichkov looked very upset during a post-game interview to divulge that the result of the game discouragingly surprised him: "..the game was a dud! We fell apart. You can hardly define it as "being present on the ice".  A bunch of individuals playing apart."
Frankly, no one expected such a dominant display of the home team over visitors after a very intensive and tiring series on the road. Kuzbas instead had a week-long break to restore their physical condition, but our hometown team launched such an intense coast-to-coast cycling carousel  that the Kemerovo bandy players simply collapsed being incapable to show off any tangible resistance. It was the fourth consecutive victory on the home ice for SKA-Neftyanik.
Recap 2. SKA routed Sibselmash behind their top snipers' goals with a devastating win, 17-0. The fate of the game was sealed within a span of 16 initial minutes when SKA steamrolled over their opponents with 6 unanswered goals. The entire game context came down to a scoring intrigue resolution: who is being the top scorer for the team at the moment(?). Both of the contenders for the prize, Erik Pettersson and Artyom Bondarenko tallied 5 goals in the game sending Novosibirsk Sibselmash down to the very basement of the Russian Bandy League.
Recap 3. SKA wrapped up their home series with a hard gained win against their perpetual rivals from Irkutsk. 5-3. Baikal-Energia failed to get even one point and break with unpleasant tradition of losing every game at the Yerofey Arena. Superiority over their opponents was present down there on the ice from the start,  but there were two factors that made the game so difficult for SKA and relatively low scoring in the end. A Baikal netminder Grigoriy Lapin displayed an excellent performance in the cage by fending off multiple attacks neatly devised by SKA. The other one was that our hometown team payers flunked to show a quality execution of their highbrow intentions. Anyways, Irkutsk Baikal-Energia deserve the highest commendation for their stamina and perseverance in the game against a three time Russian champion.

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