Keeping Tradition Alive

Despite of an error-ridden game in defense, SKA cruised to a convincing victory over a 2019 Championship bronze winner Pervouralsk Uralskiy Trubnik, 11-4. 
 During the 2 previous months full of official and exhibition games( 19 in all) SKA managed to activate quite a number of the youth, who replaced the veteran players having left the team. Some of the rookies didn't even play a single game in the Major league in any preceding seasons. Definitely, the head coach had kept his best players on the ice as much as possible. Even though, Mikhail Yuriev tried to mix in the younger and way less experienced players with the key ones, the latter suffered from psychological pressure that ended up in emotional fatigue after having endured all those events they had participated in. In the first game of the regular championship on the homestand against Uralskiy Trubnik "the short bench factor" detrimentally affected the quality of the team's defense and resulted in a number of inexcusable bloopers. 
At the onset of the game, SKA-Neftyanik came up big to show off some neatly executed attacks. Erik Pettersson brilliantly hammered it home twice. Our players had two more dead cert scoring chances, but blew it. One careless mistake near their own net led it to 2-1 and the situation on the ice changed drastically. The game turned into a roller coaster with multiple turnovers and stingy attacks from both opponents, when our hometown team's netminder, Viktor Kamenev, stymied numerous scoring opportunities by the Trubmik. Lady Luck turned her face our way over again and as of 39th minute of the first, our team managed to connect the dots three times in a row within a five minute stretch. 
Uralskiy Trubnik made another attempt to come back having stormed our net persistently, but SKA were able to ride it out. Then it came time for our team to find a spark in the game and finally increase the gap up to seven goals. It needs to be mentioned, that seven rookies were put on the front line and put their stamp on the game. For three of them it has been the first play in the Majors ever. Another two, Dmitriy Anikin and Stanislav Turushev tallied inaugural goals in the League. What is even more fascinating that Stanislav scored a hat  trick! SKA plays the next homestand game on November 11 against Nizhniy Novgorod Start.  

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