SKA's Bid for Back-to-Back Russian Cups Ends in Moscow

The loss to Dynamo, 1-3, ended our hometown team's bid to defend their Russian Bandy Cup title.
In this pivotal contest, the SKA players opened the scoring, but gave their lead away to  not participate  in the Final Cup Game, for the first time since 2014 season. Krylatskoe arena has been very result-friendly for our players. They won the Cup here in 2016, having taken down Krasnoyarsk Yenisey. They also celebrated their third Russian Championship Title earlier this year here in Moscow. Alas, they have to pack up and return home for the first official game of 2019-2020 regular season to be held on November 8 in the Yerofey Arena.  Arkhangelsk Vodnik, another finalist, conjured up "a little miracle" by clipping Yenisey, 4-3.
Says Mikhail Yuriev, a SKA head coach :" We realized what kind of problems we were about to confront in this game. All of them came to fruition, as expected. It's hard to play shorthanded for 2/3 of the game. We accumulated 60 minutes of a sin-bin time. Another problem we failed to overcome was a time zone difference multiplied by jet lag disorder. The game began at 2:00 am. in the morning Khabarovsk time. Yet, we had altogether no ice time  until a pregame try-out. That's a double load on our back we couldn't shake off. In general, I like the way and the good mood our team was playing with. I consider our performance as one the best at this cut of the bandy season. I can't blame them for poor focus, poor execution, or poor effort. It may have gone different scenario if we had scored those goals in the second halftime we should have....but there's no point of hurling subjunctive moods here and now. It's a pity we couldn't make it, but that's what sports is all about!"

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