SKA and Dynamo Poised to Square off in the Cup Semifinals

SKA players are en route to Moscow to play Dynamo in the second play-off game of the day, on November 1st.
Our hometown opponent's ambitions  are well articulated and the aim is set high. The Moscow bandy players provided huge resistance and showed off a quality game in the first encounter of the season between these teams two weeks back in the World Bandy Cup semifinal match-up, although lost it, 0-2. Then days later Dynamo lost at the hands of the Eliteserien rookie, AIK, in yet another tour of Sweden game in the international tournament "ExTe Cup", also in the semifinals. Obviously, the team is highly motivated to redeem themselves in front of their numerous fans and the club management, surely playing on the home ice will add to it.
The SKA squad is ready for another Russian Bandy Cup run, being finely equipped with 17 players (2 netminders and 15 field players). Will it be enough to get past Dynamo? The roster is basically set with no big changes in the line-up. It will be improved by adding Sergey Demin, who showed great potential in the recent Mikhailo Volkov Cup in Kemerovo. The game will be telecast live by the internet at 19.00 hours from the Krylatskaya Arena and at 2 o'clock in the early morning Khabarovsk time. In the other semifinal game Krasnoyarsk Yenisey will face off Arkhangelsk Vodnik some hours earlier.

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