SKA's magic runs out in World Bandy Cup Final against Bollnas

Although it has been the best achievement  in the Cup tournament ever, of 17 years of participation by SKA-Neftyanik so far, neither of their fans, nor any one, who having cheered on the team would be satisfied or feel content with the result. Why is this sour aftertaste following the final event?
First of all, the terms and conditions of the tournament leave much to be desired. It's hard to say that all the contenders for the Cup were "in the same boat". Come on, three hours of rest after the arduous semifinal battle against a five hour break for Bollnas? ....and it's when every extra minute of rest is worth its' weight in gold.
Secondly, is there any prejudice against the Russian teams by the local referees at the tournament? Why was a "perfectly legitimate" goal scored by Artyom Bondarenko of SKA annulled by some freakish referees' ruling, while it had been counted in in the first place?....and it was the first goal of the game, the one that may have made the entire show run in a different direction. What about the penalty shot against SKA in the 25th minute of the first? Any ground for it? There is, if you are full of biased favoritism. What about the referees neglecting the call in an eye-catching off-side situation four minutes after, when the Swedes doubled the scoring in the game, 2-0? No call, no penalty?
Anywaysa precedent  decision to hold the next World Bandy Cup Tournament in Russia has been made. It will surely boost the unofficial "World Bandy Club Championship" popularity not twice, but multifold. Hopefully, it will keep down to a minimum a number of all the unjust calls, which devalue such an eagerly cherished Trophy! 
After a short break, SKA will resume prepping up for the last and final lag of the Russian Bandy Cup Tournament in Krylatskoe Arena, where they will face their opponents in the semifinal game of the current Cup event in Sweden. Just a reminder, in this tough semifinal game against Moscow Dynamo, SKA successfully managed to tear down a seemingly unbreakable defensive wall, 2-0 to meet up with Bollnas in the match-up for the ultimate prize. 

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