Alan Jusoev: " There is the Only Way...."

"........ to grab the World Cup and it is to beat any opponent no matter what."

 Says Alan Jusoev: " We have been looking forward to the World Cup. It is a very prestigious club tournament and when you are getting off to a flying start, then you are getting positively inspired. So everything panned out well for us in the today's game (SKA  downed Sandvikens, 6-3, in the first preliminary game.).

In the tournament like this, the most important thing is the winning result on the scoreboard. Yes, it's always spectacular to steal the show graciously, but not today. We were up, 5-1, but led the initiative slip a bit and allowed a couple of easy ones, but there were a number of reasons. First off, the team lost some concentration, soothed by a very favorable score. Secondly, our head coach let the young rookies try themselves out giving them more ice time. It was their first international experience. Yet, sometimes we rushed headfirst into the opponent's zone, having been punished for negligence."
" There are no "weak" teams in the Bandy World Cup tournaments....and if you want to get the Cup, you have to beat any opponent, regardless of the fact that we were about to square off with Sandvikens, a sure favorite, in the first single round-robin game of our Group. Do your best and come what may."
" The main factor to pave the way to success is "psychology". There are many very solid teams participating and every squad stand a good chance to ultimately win. As for our team, our line-up today is different from the last year's composition. We have quite a number of young, talented and ambitious rookies. We all hope that it will give a team that necessary impetus to make waves in the modern world of bandy, given that we will keep up good job and get improved persistently."
(2019-10-11 09:22:11)
I'm reading this post and feel so nostalgic! I really miss good old days: visiting bandy events with fiends, having good time...
siberian khatru
(2019-10-14 03:51:38)
Andy, where are you from?

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