Two Wins on the Eve of the World Cup of Bandy

Before  a competitive and entertaining tournament would start, SKA had two successful exhibition games with Swedish counterparts.
Game 1.  Vasteras is the most notable team in the Swedish bandy history and the only team SKA have never won a game against, with 3 losses and 3 draws to be bogged down with this unpleasant tradition forever. Undoubtedly, it made an impact on the SKA performance, but they finally succeeded. Both teams agreed on having a traditional World Cup time duration format with two thirty minute halftimes. 
As a side note, both teams had some key players benched and sit out for the game, but it didn't tell on a contesting character of the showdown. As Alan Jusoev stated " we deliberately let initiative slip to experiment with various tactical schemes." Our hometown team managed to prevail in the game to clip an opponent, 4-3, thus to tally a first win ever over their prominent rival.
Game 2. Brobergs from Soderhamn is another Swedish Bandy multiple prize winner. The rivals agreed on the same 30 minute format, SKA played by in the previous game. Brobergs  sat out a couple of key players like Martin Soderberg and Magnus Fryklund.
 In the first half the home team had some advantage in ball possession, but nothing dazzling happened, as SKA skillfully  smothered  all the attempts. Denis Rysev, a SKA netminder, got off lucky after a couple of dangerous far shots to snuff them out. By the end of the first halftime the roles were reversed and Erik Pettersson stepped into action by scoring a couple, while Rysev kept the SKA goal impregnable, 0-2. 
In early going, with some five minutes into the second half, Alan Jusoev connected for our hometown team, 3-0. Then "unstoppable" Erik manifested himself as a legitimate top scorer of the team by his stellar performance and his throws found twine three more times, 6-0.
Brobergs humped themselves to score a couple. Jonas Pettersson and Vadim Arkhipkin attempted a comeback, but only drew a final line in the game, 6-2.  A cursory glance at the final score doesn't tell the tale. Both teams showed off an excellent form right on the eve of the World Bandy Cup.

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