Cup Preliminaries Over, SKA Is In

Top two teams in each Conference made the playoffs.
Our hometown team took the second place in the Eastern Conference, thus qualified for the Russian Bandy Cup Final Round to be held in the Krylatskoe Ice  ArenaMoscow, November 1 through November 3, 2019.
SKA-Neftyanik  came up big having won all the games but one. Our squad downed Baikal-Energia in the final game of the contest, 9-3. Short prior to that one in a tough game against Yenisey, which enjoyed a leg-up in the race by hosting the tournament, SKA ended up with a tie, 8-8. Krasnoyarsk Yenisey found themselves atop the standings due to the goal differentiation advantage over our hometown team, although both teams collected 16 points each. As it had been forecast by many, these two teams proceeded to the Finals.
In the Western Conference Moscow Dynamo and Arkhangelsk Vodnik moved ahead to the playoffs, with Moscow Dynamo having performed stellar play trouncing their opponents by a huge margin. 
Our hometown team is currently being through the phase of preparing for the World Cup in Sweden, one of the major competitions in the season.

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