As we mentioned before, Baikal Energia has been trying to beat SKA for more than three years, since March of 2016 and failed each time to do so. Yesterday in the final game for the Governor Cup International they were packed yet another hefty punch by their perpetual rival from Khabarovsk, even more downgrading than the one a couple of days ago, when they suffered quite a decent loss, 7-3.
We witnessed a tough catching-up on the Irkutsk players' part only within initial 25 minutes into the game. They found enough stamina and skill to equalize twice while trailing behind. Then Lady Luck turned her back on Baikal Energia and SKA created  a very comfy safety cushion of 3 goals by the end of the first half.
After the intermission, the SKA ' advantage became domineering and the only question that was yet to be solved was who would be a top scorer...... either Artyom, or Erik. The former was good enough to score 2, but Eric was even tougher to spark a four goal outbreak! Still in the  end they tallied 10 goals each throughout the tournament. The game ended up with a 10-2 result.
Thus, SKA has become the first and the only, for the time being, The Governor Cup International holder. This is the second international trophy for our hometown team. In 1986 SKA  won the Olympic Arena Bowl. Now, in 2019 our hometown team was awarded financially (7.500 euro worth) along with the Cup, so were two other prize winners, the bank certificates were handed over to Baikal Energia (5.000) and Bollnas(2.500). Bollnas showed a better bandy to beat their closest neighbors from Edsbyn.
SKA will take a couple of days-off and return to the regular ice drills to get themselves into shape to perform well enough in the Russian Cup preliminaries, which are scheduled on September 21 in Krasnoyarsk to advance to the Final stage. Before that date, namely September 13, one more exhibition game with, guess who, Baikal Energia is set up. 

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