Payback time for "The Farmers"

SKA advanced to the 2019 Governor Cup International finals yesterday, after beating Edsbyn, 7-3, in the preliminaries. SKA will face Baikal-Enegia for the Trophy tonight.
In the first game of the day Baikal Energia overcame Bollnas, 4-3, having taken the second place in a single round-robin by that moment, thus had become the first challenger  for the Cup. Knowing all that Edsbyn had to undertake an immense endeavor to make it to the finals in the game against SKA, notably winning it with a four goal advantage.  Given, that "The Red Farmers" being far from their top condition, the task seemed to be unsolvable. Despite all that, the eleven time Swedish champ came into a tough building against our hometown team. Along with that "The Farmers" managed to create a couple of close calls counterattacking and chipped in the first goal in the game, scored by Oscar Vikbladt at the 16th minute into the first. They kept going, but, unfortunately, a little mistake in their D-zone led to a tie game situation. Six minutes later Artyom Bondarenko found a seam in the 'The Red Farmers" net, 1-1. The Swedes continued to bite back, but it was quite visible, that the latest goal made SKA feel that strong net drive. Small wonder, that before too long they executed one of those"how the heck did he do it?" goals. A young rookie Aleksey Torgonskiy fired a blistering shot out of the penalty area right to the lower corner of the net. Anders Svensson, a goalie, was helpless to make a save.
SKA grabbed the momentum.The Swedes, even though, were keeping looking for the chance to retaliate didn't get too far with it and the odds to make it were melting like snow in the sun. In the beginning of the second, my fave with the team, Yuriy Shardakov converted a far shot past Svensson into a spectacular goal, 3-1. Another SKA  rookie, who put the mark on the board, was Stanislav Turushev. He was the first guy on the team who scored off the corner shot for SKA in the tournament. Our rookies contributed to another goal by setting it up for Dmitriy Anikin. By that time there were only three players on the ice from a starting line-up. Edsbyn will face Bollnas for the 3d place.
The crux of the matter is that Edsbyn managed to skate past our hometown team two years ago, 7-4, in their home arena friendly game. They really made much of that win, as if it were a victory in the World Cup finals. So, now revenge was taken in full. 

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