One Little Step To Take

SKA  won a second game in a row, this time around Baikal Energia was downed without a hitch, 7-3. In the game of a Halsingland Derby between Esbyn and Bollnas, the former took the cake, 6-2.
It was more than three years ago when Baikal Energia managed to beat our hometown team for the last time in a quite bizarre encounter. The tradition seems to continue. Our opponents didn't stand a slight chance to break it. SKA rode yet another strong start to victory, when Yuriy Shardakov tallied a hattie within 19 minutes in the first half. Then Artyom Bondarenko made it 4-1, putting the Baikal players in a tight spot. It was clear that SKA was on the winning course and wouldn't let the game down. In the second half, when SKA ripped another sucker, having made it 5-1, our coaches let the bunch of rookies take over the ice. Baikal Energia from Irkutsk had a good chance to minimize the gap, but scored only twice, SKA returned the favor with the same measure.
In the first game of the day Bollnas succeeded to put up massive resistance against their perpetual rivals Edsbyn right until  the 50th minute leading 1-0. Their luck was rotten right then.  They let two in, then again had it tied up, 2-2. It was their last tally on the scoreboard. Then there came 4 unanswered goals from Edsbyn. Out of 8 goals, 4 were "cooked" by the Finnish players, performing for the Swedish teams.
Before Round 3 of the Governor Cup International, our hometown team is within hailing distance to the Finals, they may even lose their game to Edsbyn, but with no more than a 3 goal deficit. Every other team retains chances to go for it, there are many options. Tomorrow will put it right. 

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