"The Fire-Worshippers" Were Knocked Down

Both of the Russian teams inflicted quite spectacular setbacks to their Swedish counterparts on the first day of the tournament.
Baikal-Energia surprised their fans big time in the game against Edsbyn. At the commencement of the game they were trailing behind 0-2. Only a few people watching the game were keeping the faith in the shoddily performing squad. In the middle of the first half they allowed the third one and there was a smell of disaster in the air. But that was everything that Edsbyn were able to yield. They began losing the grip on the game, slowing down their speed, failing to maintain sharp passing around and began creating mistakes "out of the blue". Irkutsk players took advantage of the "fruits" of a jet lag and incomplete acclimation, that "farmers" from Edsbyn were still suffering from.The second half got off to a terrible start for the Swedes. It was a terrific comeback for Baikal-Energia, that ended up with a decisive win, 7-3. A  Swedish netminder Svensson had an issue with a couple of easy shots, that also became a factor.
Our hometown team may have turned in their best performance against a Swedish team ever. The game began quite OK for SKA. They were up by two at 28th minute notch. Artyom Bondarenko scored both. Although, Fagestrom manged to find a way behind the net, it was the last and only success for Bollnas. 5-1 after the first. In the second half the SKA players cranked up the pressure and the Swedish netminder was not up to the challenge. SKA got "The Fire-Worshippers" doors blown off, 12-1.  Artyom Bondarenko found his name on a scoreboard 5 times!!!
May the results not lead you astray or enchant you. The Swedish teams had too little time to get acclimated and didn't have enough of an ice time. The battle is raging on and we will witness many surprises down the line.

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