The World Bandy Cup will obtain a new format this year.

The Organizing Committee announced a structural update and a composition of participating teams.


There are some really brand new changes to the tournament. First off, there will be 20 teams in the race for the Cup. Secondly, one extra day will be added to ease off on the teams with the late evening and overnight games. Thirdly, which is also a perfectly new move, the teams will get 3 points for a win, one point for a tie and zero points for a loss in a Round Robin. Then, all five group winners will make into the play-offs, plus 3 others with the most results will follow them. What is absolutely astounding is that the best team in the preliminaries will have a first pick to choose an opponent. Then the second best will have their choice. Then the others according to their status. With one little exception, though. It is stipulated in the format, that a Russian champion, that is our hometown team, and a Swedish champ Villa may lock their horns only in the very final game!!!! SKA will represent Russia in Group D along with Sandviken, Motala and Frillessas. Our team will face Sandviken on the ninth of October.



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