The Bandy World Cup Expansion is a Done Deal

The BWC 2019 Organization Committee has made a decision to increase the number of the participating teams. There will be 20 teams going for the most valuable  club team trophy in the world.
By now, 17 teams have been approved and registered by the Committee. Traditionally, the most number of teams will come from Sweden. Until now Swedes announced ten teams to join the race. The following six teams will represent Russia: our hometown team, Dynamo Moscow, Uralskiy Trubnik, three best teams of the previous Russian bandy championship, to be joined by Baikal Irkutsk, Vodnik Arkhangelsk and Yenisey Krasnoyarsk. Finland will be represented by a vice-champion Veitera. The finalized composition of the participants will have been drawn up by the end of August, then the  Cup schedule will be announced.

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