SKA Will Begin a New Journey for the National Bandy Cup in Krasnoyarsk

Russian Bandy Federation approved the venue for the Russian Bandy Cup preliminary round.
As the tradition goes, all of the contenders for the Cup will be divided into two groups: East and West Conferences to be engaged in the Round Robin from September 21 through September 28. Like last year, the West Preliminaries will be held in Ulyanovsk. Our hometown team will do the East group, the competition will take place simultaneously  in the new Yenisey Arena, which has been tested during 2019 World Winter Universiade and the U 20 Junior Bandy Worlds same year.
Two best teams of each Conference will move on up to the Cup Finals, which is going to take place on September 24 to September 27. The place of the final stage will be determined later in the season on the competitive terms. 
Just a reminder: Guess what team is currently holding the national Bandy Cup? Of course, it's our hometown team....and we hope it will stay at home for one more year.
siberian khatru
(2019-09-13 05:36:21)
Sorry for misprinting a piece of the false info. The final part of the Cup Tournament will be held from October 24 thru' October 27 at the venue yet to be figured out and decided upon.

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