SKA defeat Dynamo in the first final round

All the attempts to hold off a hosting team turned out fruitless. SKA was a little better than Dynamo in every aspect of the bandy game, which resulted in the final 5-3.
Pavel Ryazantsev and Erik Pettersson netted two each in a seemingly even game, but our hometown team was a bit more aggressive, more skillful and slightly more motivated. Honestly, Dynamo proved to be a force to be reckoned with  and not "a pack of Scouts", a "quip" Dynamo Head Coach Yevgeniy  Ivanushkin brought about in the post game press conference, mocking over the phrase he had read from the local posters. They are definitely not . Today, Game 2 will be a big solver for one team and a ray oh hope for the other. But the race for the Russian Bandy Championship is way far from being over. Rejoice Bandy fans! 

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