SKA looks at third straight Championship Cup after routing Baikal, 7-3.

Due to their third consecutive wins in the semis, Dynamo and SKA to meet in the finals. 
Our hometown team have home ice advantage for the "best-of-five" series, which should draw plenty of national attention, and not only. The two first games will take place on March 23 and 24 in Khabarovsk.
Back to the game in Irkutsk. Due to many reasons, the  hosts were not able to get quite a number of the most pivotal players on the ice, including Evgeniy Volguzhaev, a team top scorer. It made it way easier for the SKA players to solve the problem of advancing on, despite of the weather condition... The temperature was on the plus side and the event started before noon.
Baikal trailed the entire game and by the 15th minute, when SKA scored three unanswered, none had any doubt of the ultimate result of the series. It was  the morning of the broken records. 303 team goals during this championship, they have never scored that many in the entire history! Yuriy Shardakov executed one of those " how, on Earth, have you done it" goals!. Three top scorers of 2018-2019 are SKA players, Artyom Bondarenko 68,  Erik Pettersson 63, Pavel Ryazantsev 59,  and more coming. Maksim Ishkeldin has his share of the broken records, as well. 60 assists, not a single player ever having done it before. Alan Jusoev tallied a 200th official game in the majors! The game in Irkutsk became a 250th victory under Mikhail Yriev head coaching. 

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