A jaw dropping result in the homestead semifinal games

SKA scoring a multitude of goals, 25 in both of the games, hand Baikal an irreparable loss.
SKA romped over  their opponents, now having two wins under their belt and are moving to Irkutsk for Game 3. The first game on the home ice turned out to be a little dry. The fatigue accumulated during the regular championship was hard to ignore, although both teams were trying their hardest. Baikal showed up enough of stamina and resilience to offset a difference in mastery and technique, which resulted in quite a decent resolution, 8-4.
In the beginning of the second game none could have predicted, that Irkutsk was going down a rabbit hole to face the most devastating loss ever at the hands of our hometown team. SKA scored once at the onset of the first half and Baikal retaliated with a neatly performed scoring back. It was the only net-hitting event creating by our geographical neighbors, when the game turned into a one-way street. 9-1 after the first half didn't leave any chance for our rivals, but the second one became even a more sensitive disaster and the scoreboard witnessed  17 -1. Now, due to extremely warm weather in Irkutsk, the next game will take place early in the morning and the fact, that our hosts will be able to put in a decent quality ice is very much in doubt, and it may offset our hometown team advantage in skill and tactics.
Dynamo Moscow beat Uralskiy Trubnik in two homestead games and are travelling to Pervouralsk for Game 3, as well.

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