Who's next?

It is the second time in a row that SKA encounter Baikal Energia in the semifinals.
As it has been known yesterday, our hometown team will face bandy players from Irkutsk in the next round of the playoffs, after Baikal clipped Vodnik, 4-3, on the home ice.  They lost a first game in Arkhangelsk, 3-9, but overcame their opponents at home in both of the games. A piece of trivia: SKA knocked out Baikal Energia  three times in the last year playoff series.
Dynamo Moscow and Uralskiy Trubnik will challenge to advance further on in the other semifinal showdown. Muscovites beat their rivals from Kazan and quite convincingly, while Trubnik caused a sensation by eliminating Yenisey in two games. Both of the semifinal rounds will take place on March 12 in Khabarovsk and Moscow.

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