900th win!

SKA fully redeemed themselves for the out-of-place loss to Dynamo Moscow. This win in the game against another Dynamo from Kazan has become a nine hundredth one with the top bandy league in the country.
Since our hometown players left Khabarovsk, they have been plagued by a numerous cases of acute respiratory infection. Two key midfielders Maksim Ishkeldin and Alan Jusoev were benched  due to the illness and a defender Yuriy Bondarenko has been delegated to the National Bandy team to participate in the World Winter Universiade of 2019. Thus, Mikhail Yuriev had only three back-up players at his disposal. However, it didn't affect SKA much and they gained another full-fledged win, 4-2, maybe not so convincing, as usual. They tallied a 900th win in the entire history of SKA participation in the League.
On the second of March SKA will face Murman in the regular championship final game. The same day we'll get to know our rival in the play-offs quarterfinals.

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