Krasnoyarsk extravaganza

In the first game on the road SKA took down Yenisey, 11-3. Despite of the fact, that the final result between two perpetual rivals didn't affect our home town team standings, as you know, SKA have become a regular championship winner four rounds prior to its' end, the team took it seriously. They romped over Yenisey, having inflicted the most crushing visiting loss ever. 
The game caused a huge interest among all bandy fans. The local indoor Yenisey arena was packed up to the rafters and it was expected that the hosts would add to the game to return multiple favors to SKA, with one of the saddest losses, 1-8, in the last year's gold medal game. Yet, the main attraction was the both teams' line-ups: the fact, that fourteen players became the World champions a couple of weeks ago, did spice it up.
The game commencement showed equal potential and mastery, but it didn't last as long as fifteen minutes into the game. Slowly, but surely it was leading to a one-sided blowout. SKA put up eleven goals, any mode and fashion, with a stellar play by Erik Pettersson, having connected six goals for the winners. Erik has grabbed a top scorer position in the League again.(54 goals)
SKA have been on a tear throughout entire season, their winning streak has been extended up to 42 games(41 wins and one draw) Dynamo Moscow is our home town team next opponent and the game will take place on February 24.

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