The I's are dotted in Murmansk

SKA graciously sunk Murman in the last regular game of the bandy season. They will face Kuzbass in the quarterfinals.
Our hometown team is still struggling to draw up an optimal composition of players. A Swedish star Erik Pettersson was left out of the game this time. The SKA players solved the problem within initial ten minutes, having showered the Murmansk  net with a multitude of goals. When the game neared a one-sided blowout, 8-0, they let up their pressure and kept a smooth sailing right into the buzzer.
Thus, SKA tallied a nice record with 26 wins, 1 draw and 1 loss in the regulars. On the 5th they will play their first game in Kemerovo and host a Siberian team on the 8th. If need be, the third game is scheduled for the ninth. Other quarterfinal pairs are Dynamo Kazan vs Dynamo Moscow, Uralskiy Trubnik vs Yenisey, Vodnik vs Baikal Energia.  

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