A Stumble May not Prevent a Victory

Losing in Moscow, 6-8, was something that may have been predicted, but not expected. SKA own no-losing streak of 42 games(41 wins) has been broken in the game against Dynamo.
They were short of stamina and motivation. They have already solved the problem of taking the first position in the regulars. They were pacified over their startling win in Krasnoyarsk (11-3), whilst Dynamo had been holding grudges over both losses in the Russian Cup and Super Cup games. Yet, Dynamo is one of the contenders for the second position to get home ice advantage in the play-offs.
Dynamo rode a strong start to victory and converted their luck into three goals in the middle of the first half. Our hometown team players almost caught up with their opponents, but it wasn't enough due to Dynamo's superb field standards execution. 
Anyways, the next game for SKA is scheduled for the 27th in Kazan against local Dynamo.

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