A 27 year old vintage revenge

Another win for SKA over Zorkiy turned into the most sensitive setback the Krasnogorsk players ever suffered at the hands of our hometown bandy athletes. Having won 14-2, SKA has paid back in full for the loss 1-12 in 1991.
On December 7, 1975. SKA crushed Zorkiy 12-3 before 22 thousand fans and this result has been a long-standing record for decades. Needless to say, that the Krasnogorsk players had been holding a grudge against SKA for years to return a favor, which they did on February 18 of 1992. Zorkiy got the SKA doors blown off, 12-1. That match-up was highlighted by a "double hat-trick", engineered by Konstantin Zaletaev, yet he blew two chances with penalty shots in the memorable event. From that game on Zorkiy remained the only League team, that was keeping an upper hand over SKA in regards of double digits wins and  finally, 27 years after, the day has come to pay for the overdue slap in the face. 
Anyways, none could say that the game may turn into a SKA prolific offence performance after 20 minutes into the show. Like in the previous game our hometown team started it slowly enough, so that Zorkiy didn't have to bend over their backwards to fend off the SKA attacks, but had enough chances to sting an opponents defence to offset  the SKA field advantage, ball possession and huge gap in skill.
Slowly, but surely the SKA machine got it's act to end up the first half, 7-1. Second half wasn't any different: playing the game of cat and mouse right after the intermission and setting up a shower of nifty goals closer to the end of the game. But for their rivals carelessness, Zorkiy would have been facing even a greater disaster. 
On February 15, SKA host Baikal Energia from Irkutsk in the last homestand game of the regular championship. 

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