Success is routine matter for reigning SKA

Although Stroitel has been out of play-off contention, the team proves to be the force to be reckoned with throughout the season, but it didn't take much of SKA to get  22nd win in a row.
It was a far cry from their best performance, only occasionally showing some strong net drive. SKA didn't seem to be overly concerned over a final result and Stroitel Syktyvkar were definitely playing on house money. Eventually, a high-scoring, double digit (11-5) win turned out to be a nice treat for the attending and TV/internet fans. 
Like in many games there was a very spectacular competition amidst the SKA top scorers. This time around a midfielder Yuriy Shardakov, just returned on the ice off the injury list, and a forward Pavel Ryazantsev got hat tricks, plus Yuriy "conjured up" four helpers. Erik Pettersson and Artyom Bondarenko scored two each. Artyom is leading in goals, the first one in the League to reach 50 this season. 
Besides that, during the game SKA arrived at the notch of 200 scoring goals, way ahead of all other teams. On the twelfth our hometown team, led by Mikhail Yuriev, faces off with Zorkiy.  

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