Shardakov returns!

Game one in a new homestand series highlighted by the return of one of the SKA best midfielders Yuriy Shardakov. He lived up to his devoted fans' expectations, his longing for the game paid off with a goal and two assists, him having contributed drastically to the win over Vodnik Arkhangelsk, 5-3.
This game attracted many viewers, both live and on TV/Internet. Firstly, because there were eight bandy players, who have won gold medals at the latest Bandy Worlds participating and, secondly, due to a very successful performance by Vodnik this season, having placed themselves at the third position in the ongoing regular season. The game turned out to be as very difficult for SKA, because their "magnificent seven" couldn't really get back into shape for the game after emotional and physical overload after the Worlds in Vanersborg. It affected the quality and the final score, although superiority in mastery and skill sufficed for the next consecutive win. On February 9 SKA plays Stroitel Syktyvkar.

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