Bravo SKA players, well done Russia!

Russia defended the World Bandy Champions title in a high scoring game to beat Sweden in OT, 6-5. it has become 26th victory of Russia, including The Soviet wins, in their history of participation.
Swedish team beat Russians in a round robin game, 6-4. In the final game Swedes also dominated for quite a long time. Russians trailed behind with a two-goal differentiation three times during the game and were losing only one minute prior to the buzzer, 4-5, when they were suddenly saved by a standard corner shot performed by a SKA player Yuriy Vikulin. It allowed to keep fighting for the title in the overtime. Almaz Mirgazov from Yenisey ruined the vikings' hopes and desires to return the champions title. It was the hell of the game between the best teams and both squads deserved the win.
Along with other players, seven SKA players received the gold medals: Vasiliy Granovskiy, Yuriy Vikulin, Maksim Ishkeldin, Alan Jusoev, Yanis Befus, Artyom Bondarenko and Denis Rysev. Also, our hometown doctor Ivan Grishin, gym coach assistant Nikolay Emsenko and a SKA head coach Mikhail Yuriev were awarded.
All seven SKA players and the staff are returning to Khabarovsk on February 4th and will play against Vodnik on the sixth.

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