SKA players bring a win over Finns for Russia

Due to a couple of goals from the SKA players Russia secured a berth in the World semi-finals.
After both teams having lost to the Swedish squad, the game became crucial to determine who would advance straight to the semis passing over the quarter-final stage. Simultaneously, the upcoming game may have turned to a dry run before the ultimate match-up in the semis in which these two teams are sure to meet again up to 99 per cent of certainty.
This Finnish line-up has been drastically rejuvenated recently and been showing excellent performance once in a while.That's what happened yesterday and the team turned out to be a hard nut to crack for the Russians. Despite of a significant number of the scoring moments and a ball possession dominance, the Russian bandy squad had to catch up with the stubborn Finns scorewise for a long time. They managed to succeed at overcoming their opponents only at the final stretch of the game, when Maksim Ishkeldin wired a shot having collected a feed from Alan Jusoev. Another SKA member Yanis Befus scored the first goal for the Russians and heavily participated in the second, when the Finns fouled on him and the penalty shot was called for. 
Our team is in the waiting for our next opponent in the first of February semi-final game, which will be decided in a nicely set up quarter-final match-up between Finland and team U.S.A. In the other quarter-final game Kazakhstan faces off with Norway.  

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