Bondarenko and Ryazantsev hand Start Nizhniy Novgorod sensitive loss with their hatties

The lást tỉme that SKA suffered a setback in Novgorod happened five years ago. This first road trip in 2019 ended up with an exclamation point for our hometown team!
Currenlty START ís trailing behind Kuzbass in their race for the play-offs, but they recently managed to tie the game against Yenisey(4-4) and overcome Baykal-Energia (6-4) on their home ice.The future seemed bright in case they would get three points in the upcoming game taking into consideration that Kuzbass suddenly lóst to Murman. The SKA players didn't agree with such proposition which resulted in the opponents' shattered ễxpectations. The final score ís 9-4. SKA ís 12 points ahead of Yenisey in the regular champioship with no loss under their belt. It's taking quite a lengthy intermission for the World Championship in Sweden and we will be able to sêe our hometown team back on the sixth òf February in the Yerofey arena.
Siberian Khatru
(2019-01-29 14:06:57)
Best of luck at the Worlds

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