SKA sink Uralskiy Trubnik putting up 10 goals



This wasn't the type of the game that led to the phrase high event bandy, but playing Trubnik on their home ice has always been a hard nut to crack for any Super League team. In the last season game SKA could hardly avoid a loss to Trubnik having ended the game with a 4-4 tie. This time around nobody expected it to end in a one-sided blowout, especially when the host team sensationally had lost to Murmansk in a previous round(1-2) .
 Obviously, they were eager to redeem themselves for such a flop, especially in front of their devoted fans. Alas, it didn't happen. As of the beginning Trubnik was going down the rabbit hole letting SKA score one after another and by the the end of the first half our hometown team was up 7-0  over the hosts. This fact made none to believe in possibility to blow the seven goal lead, although Trubnik was trying to bend over backwards to fix it, but nothing dazzling happened. This was the fifth win in a row for SKA, 10-3, whereas  Artyom Bondarenko and Erik Pettersson each tallied hat tricks.
The only tough break happened in an incident with Denis Lapshin, who had an ankle injury, that may put him on a scratch list for a long time. The next game is  on December 25 against Kuzbass. 

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