Start from Nizhniy Novgorod fall to get anything going against all-rounded SKA

Regrettably for all the fans attended, there wasn't any real resistance showed by the Start. Our hometown team could seemingly score at will in the last home ice game of the year. The final score, 10-1, does tell the tail. The Start players looked a bit tired, both physically and psychologically after the hard match-up with Yenisey in the previous round. The other important factor was that their top player Dmitriy Saveliev had to miss the game due to some injury. 
It's only in the beginning there were some hints on some ball moving both sides of the field, when the Start stung our defense a couple of times. However, when by the 8th minute our rivals' netminder Yuriy Ivanchikov sprung a leak at his net twice(Pettersson and Ishkeldin scored each), we could see that their fuse wouldn't blow. Although, the Start gave up on their offensive power after that, they were not able to respond safely in their D-zone either and allowed SKA to score three more times in the first. The last one of the half neatly scored by Pettersson was the 100th by the team in the season.
Goaltending  became a big story in the beginning of the second, when all of the hopes of the rival team were ruined by two unnecessary mistakes by Ivanchikov. He let two in after relatively easy shots made by, guess who? the one and only Mr. Erik Pettersson(who has scored 31 all total  to be a top scorer in the championship) and Kim. It was the last straw and SKA went  double digit to end up with it.
With three more games to play in 2018 our hometown team is going on the road ranked No.1 in the current standings.

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